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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finals are over!/ Video of the day!

Finals for my classes this quarter have culminated and I am so relived like with capital letters, RELIEVED. I hate the pressure, the stress I am put under, especially to remember three months of material and then have maybe 1/10th of it on the exam. Well that is my 2 cents on the matter and that is that, one week of vacation from that.

Video time, I watched this video a few weeks, maybe months ago, and I was like thinking "do I know this guy?" and it turned out to be someone I had seen before. The guy was, Aaron James, he was on a TV show called True Life on MTV. An episode that dealt with people that were involved in the adult industry and he was going to reveal to his family what he did. That he was a straight men doing gay pornography. Well I personally think he is actually straight some of the corny stuff he does in the movies are just so straight. Well enjoy this true life personality in action. It is always much more interesting when there is a connection between one of the actors. Oh I forgot he has this really firm masculine voice, so hot. Enjoy!

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